I tell myself I’m not insane
Taking on the words and feelings
In this chaos framed in mundane
I tell myself I’m still me
In the together of what defines
Whatever is still free
I tell myself I’m still
I’m still
And whatever I tell myself
I check
I check with
With the one who knows me
The one who created me
And the one whose got the ending
Because I don’t know what’s going
The spiral into madness
Better know your own
Cause those seeds
They already got sown
And those stones
Are ready to be thrown
Remember me in the day
As a friend
And remember the dividing lines
When they come to apprehend
Told you I was representing
Told you I was ice
To the fires they were brewing
Or fire to the ice
They were construing
Whatever man
Only God knows the day
But I was an opposition


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