And they say

They tell me
Oh the leader made sanctions
And I say can’t you see the game
And they say oh the leader met with the pope
And I’m like the pope is a fake
How can you say that
And I say it’s cause I just know
And they look like I’m crazy
And they say oh the planes got hit
And look at this
Look at this
And I said oh just like it was written
And so it is
So it is and I say
Jesus is coming
And they look at me
Look at me like crazy
Well no one knows these things
But shouldn’t you
As children know the voice
Know the theatre
And know the choice
And they say
The wars are coming
But they are already here
Waiting for the signal
And waiting for the fear
To comply
And to corral
And to control
And I said can’t you see the strings
In the handles and the words
The hooks on the verge
And shouldn’t you know
As the children
Hearing the voice
In the participation
We always have the choice
Yeah they’ve been playing it forever
But that’s the difference of the voice of they
But both sides of that worldview
Look at me like I’m crazy
And it’s ok
Because I’m not afraid


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