Difficult Me

If there’s a long road
You’ll always see me follow
Just like anymore time
I’m always gonna borrow
The heavier load
Is one I’m always gonna carry
By those beat up door ways
Seems I always tarry
Attracted to those complex buildings
That have no way but in
Maybe it’s makin up
For the fragile way I was born
Staying alive by the grace and the fight
I couldn’t stay the easier route
Maybe my roads are just to prove my might
Or maybe I’m just prone
To take the harder road
Where nothing comes easy
But at least I played my own cards
Or so I say
No one answers for that walk
But me
And sometimes I look at those paths
And already know the risks I take
Every step asking myself
Why I do the things I do
But time answers those questions
Sometimes ask what those cost are
And if it’s worth the pay
But no one has to answer for the bill
Except me
Or so I say
Because if there’s a difficult road
I’m always gonna take it
Attracted to those complex buildings
Castles and mansions
Never was really my thing
But maybe one day at least I’ll find a quiet porch
With one of those damn swings
And I’ll reflect on all those difficult roads
And complex things
That maybe in the long run
Meant some things
Quiet and still
But you know still waters run deep
That’s what they tell me
When they try to figure me out
Getting in the water
And babe it’s just too deep
But some like the view
And some could have kept it safe
But breathing deep
I still took the road less taken
And still wherever it goes
It seems it’s always going to be the harder road
Because if there’s a difficult road
I’m always going to take it
And if there’s a risk I’m always going to weigh it
And if it keeps me safe
I’m always going to play it
And at least
No ones got to answer for those cost
But me
Or at least that’s what I say


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