Morning Glories

Don’t you think that life is sad

but if you know the sad

then you can find the happy
or thats what the writers say

and maybe that is the rest of the story

in the fog and haze
the minutes of quiet
while tending morning glories

don’t you think that nobody understands
but isn’t it just a story

and all the geniuses are such good tellers

escaping the pain

escaping the wait

waiting around to die

telling all the truth
hiddin behind mystery’s eyes
and what some know
is only partially known
every hero has their own kind of pain

just like everyone I guess
so much more sometimes
but not much less

saves so many from hell

but its hard when the self purgatory
has its own story to tell

and some things are our little havens
like happy days

that hide before the night

behind the fog and the haze

and as the man says

thats the rest of the story
playing roulette

while tending morning glories

the calm before the nights chaos

the answers before the questions get too loud

the spaces that made up stories fill in

the shadows that legends cast

when they let that sadness blend in

blend in to to the madness
taking those deep things
and making those words bleed like streams

for those quiet moments

looking for the rest of the story

beating roulette today
while tending morning glories

And thats the rest of the story

in the self made town

where he grows his morning glories

After watching a documentary about Townes Van Zandt called “Be Here To Love Me”. In the documentary it was said that he listened to Paul Harvey every morning and loved Morning Glories. I thought this was interesting and it was late so I wrote a poem about this.


2 thoughts on “Morning Glories

  1. redgladiola says:

    Lovely flowers. The small things are so important to try to stay happy.

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