I’m Not Broken

We women we aren’t so broken
though they make us think so
and we aren’t under siege
or maybe until we let ourselves be
and nobody tells me how I’m me
and no one tells me how I should see
We women cry with those women feelings
but shouldn’t we
someone has to
someone has to
and God made woman
said woman was a good thing
and Adam didnt have to chase that woman
all over creation
so God didn’t make me a problem
who told us we were naked
and who screwed up our relationship
and who put a hatchet in our communication
I guess someone had to
someone had to
building up walls to conserve said images
any image will do
the strong one
the faithful one
the independent one
the thriving one
they just take mine and give me theirs
all those definitions and choices
they just define my barriers and
and insert their voices
and I cant compete with a multitude
out to fight shadows of their own making
can’t trade off for whatever the hell they’re taking
and it’s passing bucks and passing blame
it’s his fault
just like the beginning and he takes the blame
and they define and think they are different
well from here it looks the same


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