Some comfort and some healing

for old time wounds

and showing some older scars

iron proving fire
brands new burn marks
and I just wish you were here

Staying busy and running for time

trying to get it all figured

but all I do is fall behind
making strides and trying to be

but after the t’s are crossed
I’m still just being me
My body shuts down

when my mind wont shut up

and when what is just seems to be enough

I just wish you were here
and while people reason their nonsense
and make their own justifications
for their sad realities
I don’t feel much like fooling anyone
I just wish you were here


Good Women

Good women with their head on straight

still get a little crazy sometimes
Grown women with no expectations

still sit up and wait
we can’t help but care
even when it’s not our place

feel that man when he is gone

feel that man when he is away
and sometimes he keeps walking
but we still wait

Good women
with so much weighing in
still has to keep standing
stone roses

waiting for some magic water
and those fairy tales don’t come true
but they keep trying to prove
prove to themselves that they do
Good women
they are just so hard to find
or so that’s what they all say
they say it when they tilt their hat
say you’re incredible and then walk away

but those roses still grow

and good women
smart and holding no expectations
cry on the inside and hold their faith

good women care

if its wrong and it’s not our place

feel that man when he is there
feel him when he is gone
feel when he chooses not to stay


Did you feel the disturbance like a shift in the air

did you feel strangle hold on your words

somebody says don’t say that man
that is gonna get you jail time these days
the special interests
and funny its not the same as yesterday
and the ones in the big stages
they aint the ones hiding to pray
and did you feel the suffocation

the smoke hitting the lights
and blinding everyone in this oncoming strife
did you smell the death in the air
coming one way or another

they got the beds ready

after the virus and the vaccine

you cant deny them man

that’s a hate crime these days
any way you think it
and anyway that game plays

you might get stoned in the street
and the whole thing gets watched by the police
but then they are paid
to get the preacher men anyway
easier if the plans laid out gets ’em first
the hungry hostility
and gnashing of the teeth

did you catch the hidden messages
and catch phrases
triggering the sleeper cells
but you cant say that man
trying to push back

the oncoming hell
better just stand still

and keep your mouth shut

and turn your face

if there were anywhere to turn it
where you wouldn’t be able to see

and act like you aren’t people
people like me


When I came back from the prison

I brought all the chains with me

took all these years to shake those words off

Things hidden just resurface when triggers are pulled

and little battles come back ready to be fought

baby be enough

baby be more

baby so funny when she tries to allure

baby just thinks too much

just don’t understand

the needs the needs of a man

And when I came home

I brought all that baggage
repacked the memories

and I had the advantage
things written on paper
somewhere hidden about sadness

nothing like laying next to someone

who just can’t be pleased
nothing like carrying the weight
of someone with no dreams

and baby it’s not enough

baby what do you know

baby sometimes its gotta be rough
cant be so close all the time

who cares about the rain
and who cares about the lines

baby its not enough

but baby its just too much
baby a man needs variety but..

red isn’t really you color baby

and when I woke up as a live wire

You know you ain’t no lady
I took out that gun

you take things to serious

for the last pulled trigger
you’re so cute when you try to be mysterious

and threw it into the sun
Some women like it like that

When I woke up I just realized
open your eyes dammit
it was never even my fight

forgiveness and forgetting

such a beautiful things

because baby came alive

yeah now baby got her wings

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So…I was nominated by Regarding Samuel’s Blog which is an awesome blog of every creative genre, so go check it out. I appreciate the nomination.

The rules of this award are the following :

Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
Display the award on your post.
List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
State 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
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1. I come from a large homeschooling family and I remember hearing from the general population that I might not learn “sociable” skills. You know..because I didn’t have “click” pressures or a prom.

2. I’m a bartender…kinda debunks the above “issue” doesn’t it?
3. I graduated from a Bible College in Ohio…Ohio is a completely different world from the Georgia/Alabama/Tennessee worlds I grew up in. It was a good time though. I now have friends all over the U.S. from that experience.

4. I feel things deeply, and that is why I write. Those things have to be expressed…otherwise I might have an illness from all the oppressing apathy around me.

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5. Speaking of social, the majority of my time is at work and half of the other time is catching up on homework for the degree I am working on through an online program….so now that I think of it …I may not be that social after all..haha (but neither are you).

6. When people first meet me they think I am: a. mean b. conceited or c. miserable and depressed. I’m not those things, and so both parties are always surprised.

7. I have a real weakness for record/book stores, and Indian food (curry…korma…don’t even get me started),coffee..and white wine…oh my…oh yes and procrastinating…yeah that is a problem.

Bonus* All my younger siblings are creative in some fashion. I think that is a special thing.

I am following the rules by nominating other blogs…but I humbly say I cannot think of fifteen.

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And my genius brother (Regarding Samuel)

Can’t Imagine

Nothing going on but the wind
And nothing going up but the rent
Hey those lines and cliches
Know how to take their place
All the things that inform
Numb the apathy
Here I am missing you
Missing me
Minds going going gone
Trying to feel some words
And write some songs
New bare walls
I should put something there
But I like the way bare walls feel sometimes
Looks like space it feels like time
Time is there ever enough time
Feeling time slipping sometimes
I can’t imagine why
Feeling feelings and I
can’t imagine why
Acute senses of serene
Bare walls let them in
Alert dreams of dreams
I see you in
Feeling feelings
I can’t imagine why