Did you feel the disturbance like a shift in the air

did you feel strangle hold on your words

somebody says don’t say that man
that is gonna get you jail time these days
the special interests
and funny its not the same as yesterday
and the ones in the big stages
they aint the ones hiding to pray
and did you feel the suffocation

the smoke hitting the lights
and blinding everyone in this oncoming strife
did you smell the death in the air
coming one way or another

they got the beds ready

after the virus and the vaccine

you cant deny them man

that’s a hate crime these days
any way you think it
and anyway that game plays

you might get stoned in the street
and the whole thing gets watched by the police
but then they are paid
to get the preacher men anyway
easier if the plans laid out gets ’em first
the hungry hostility
and gnashing of the teeth

did you catch the hidden messages
and catch phrases
triggering the sleeper cells
but you cant say that man
trying to push back

the oncoming hell
better just stand still

and keep your mouth shut

and turn your face

if there were anywhere to turn it
where you wouldn’t be able to see

and act like you aren’t people
people like me



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