Mundane things

and insane things
for the crazy in us all
to hide from

I got this mad disease
looking at all the philosophies

and even my kin

they seem to be buying in

to the commentaries
a nation full of commentaries
be it million year old ideologies

or just present day hypocrisies
and everyone has their hypocrisy

check no lines
check no facts

just getting on the bandwagons

of this or that

its all mundane things

white washed tombs
and inbred hyperbole

and the thieves in the temple get away

get away

gonna get their sentence
on judgement day
on judgement day

want a world without religion
they’ll make one for you

want a world without distinction
they’ll play one for you

thieves in the temple
changing names

and changing sheep

getting lost in nation

with nothing to do except
a lot of commentary
so tired of the commentary

want a world without us

well welcome as they..

they’ll make one for you

it makes no difference to me

it makes no difference to me

living in the great prositute

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.(Matthew 23:27)

And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. 13And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.” 14And the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them.” Matthew 21:12-13

“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.(Matthew 7:23)

And the nations were angry and your anger has come, and the time of the dead to be judged, and you shall give reward to your Prophets and and to those who reverence your name, to the small with the great, and you shall destroy those who have corrupted The Earth. (Revelation 11:18 Aramaic Bible in plain English)

be i


On some ignorant sign in Alabama

Somebody put up a big white sign

they were taking their place
in the distracting lines

it was big and in lights

there in Alabama

talking about a white genocide

isn’t it the way it goes

when the authorities turn their face

and everybody gets a political space
and listing all the things you

cant do

cant say

cant type

cant play
some little minds

with their own agenda

comes in to the vacuum

for the frustrated masses
and the authorities turn their face

churning the agitation

and silencing  frustration

and all that is going on just keeps on asking

whats going on?

and no one wants to answer

but a big white sign

doing what they do

coming in on the vacuum

triggering fears and anger

something’s in the dirt in Alabama

something that never got cleansed

and now the authorities

moving their strings

trying to bring it all back home

home to Alabama

don’t succumb to what we see

it says nothing about you and me
but we cant speak for what we think

can’t hardly even for what we believe

and some small minds

with their big white signs

trying to start something

with old pains

there in Alabama..
pulling on frustrations
buying in to
some mass manipulations

becoming part of that whole game

while the faces frustrate the voices
and there are no responsibilities
because we got too blinded by choices

and since it didn’t get done

someones gonna do it

hey someone
but hey there is your speaking point

lets have that conversation again

going through the circle

like a madhouses carousel

get some more anger out of it

till they bring home hell

cant say

cant do

cant be

and some small minds allowed in the vacuum

petty some bandwagons

and the faces turn back

says I told you so

told you you were guilty

because there is something in the dirt

there in Alabama

Story-Racist Sign Taken Down

some kind of grievance
and some kind of mourning
shadowed over like a descent

after a lifting

everything got new meanings

but everything left meaningless

mourning the important things

grieving things that could never be

like a sadness after a rush

words that cant be said

and mourning in the hush
that’s charged with whats known

known so much

Parts of Me

And I stood before my creator
and said please keep my love

for me in my whole of being

I have stayed and I have loved

in my losses and my triumphs

I have stayed the change

and in my weakness and in my doubts
I have stayed the same

And I stood before my love

and said if there are parts of me

that anger you
make you light or make you blue

hey they were still the parts of me I brought to you

and it was all it was

and it was true
hey you don’t leave me yet

hey you if you don’t have to

you don’t have to
if there were parts of me that were bruised
parts of me that were opposed

but parts of me that were proved
I still remained
I was and I was true
and that alive part stayed alive
and you you stay alive too

In this thing we created hey

all I can do is all I can do
and I love you

don’t leave me yet
you don’t have to

The Responsibility of Free Speech

Maybe I’m scared
just afraid of the things I think

afraid of how its all coming down

tearing apart at the seams
and maybe I’m not really real
when I go to sleep

see those things I see

Maybe I’m not really brave
maybe I’m just crazy

and while the world burns
and that definition changes
leading all the people astray

and setting up their blaming
but only who its safe to blame

and only when it serves a purpose
only when it stakes a claim
Be careful who the masses want to lynch

you know they got them against Jesus too

hated Him, that crazy problem

hates me and hates you too
Maybe I’m just scared
scared of what I see before me
see now as it’s happening
scared of things not said

unsaid things that are in me

Maybe I’m not really brave
Maybe my crazy is afraid of losing yours
in this new insanity

of too many shut windows 

too many open doors

and loud rooms 

they like to crowd us into

Be careful those attentions spans
of people who love to be amused
love to be victimized

and love to abuse

speaking loudly only when it serves a purpose

only when it proves a claim
only when it’s safe to speak

and safe to lay blame
In reflection of the year 2014, a pattern comes into play. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was “dis-invited” from a prominent University where she was to receive an honor and make a speech. I have written about this before so I won’t go into details or add links. It is old news and can be googled. This never did settle with me and even though for the rest of the year many Universities followed a trend of folding to student groups protest and “disinviting” of speakers, Ali’s tended to bother me the most. I think because of the entire context. Ali is a Somali born American woman (formerly dutch). She is very well educated, intelligent and brave. Brave because for years she has survived death threats and attempts and she has lost many people close to her-because of what she says. She is an outspoken critic of Islam (which she was born into and left) and female genital mutilation and shariah law. Female genital mutilation and sharia law directly affect women, so where were the American feminists? Ali is an atheist so the new wave feminist could not be accused of siding with a “gasp and horror” Christian woman.  Where were the American new wave feminist who want to ban words like “bossy”, “like a girl” and promote little girls in Tiara’s cussing the public? The ones who want to discredit engineer nerds for wearing the wrong clothes? The ones who act like female conservatives are not really female?  The ones who spend a lot of energy tiring everyone else into apologizing for basically being our own kind of female (the ones who don’t blame men and like ourselves) The feminist who are nothing more than thought police who serve their own Religious utopia ( I don’t know what it is but I’m sure white women rule it and anyone who dissents is instantly put to death). That is another blog and I got on a rabbit trail…my point is, we are back to the old saying: To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize. I find it interesting that absolute antisemitism is brewing all over Europe and rising here too, but no one is talking about it. It is in the university campuses, and the BDS movement has the students feeling like they are doing something important. You know keeping them occupied and they are doing very little to help anyone. The mainstream media (both the conservative and liberal side) have been caught so many times fabricating stories, manipulating headlines and knowingly reporting staged events, that to even take what they say pertaining to Israel (or anything else) seriously must mean we are insane. I find it interesting that Hollywood loves to throw around the word”antisemitism” when it comes to art-generally when they want to distract or they want to discredit someone…like the video producer who made that video for Nicki Minaj depicting Nazi Germany styles in modern times. There were not so subliminal messages about a rising police state. Obviously. It was immediately discredited as being “antisemitic” and I didn’t read actual Jewish people saying this, it was everyone else. However “everyone else” is saying nothing about the real and hateful antisemitic attitude that is rising up everywhere. We don’t say anything because we are afraid too. Just like Ayaan Hirsi Ali was dis-invited and neglected a well deserved honor, because people were afraid of what she would say and what the the result might be. The same reason beheadings in random places (in Europe) not performed by ISIS are under reported, we are afraid of what the result might be. The same reason we keep getting hushed and made to take sensitivity training so that we may not offend anyone by who might be offended, and we might not lose our jobs at any given moment for speaking what someone else defines as “hate speech”. By the way, while people are being silenced and shutdown and humiliated if they say things that might be controversial than why was Louise Farrakhan in his recent statement not? Why are student groups of  Christian faith being “unrecognized” by Universities but “Hitler youth” and other religious groups are not? Clearly those being pushed and silenced and fired from jobs for saying “have a blessed day” or praying for someone are not responding with violence. They are just swallowing their discontent and becoming frustrated because they are trying to keep the peace and just live, here in America. Here in America.We are afraid.Yesterday one establishment in Paris paid for not being afraid. It hasn’t been the first time. Already there are people saying “it was really the Jews”. The thing I’ve noticed about conspiracy  theories coming to light, people do what they always do. They run with a whole new band wagon and stop thinking-again. For instance,,,,police state/military. People finally caught on to this, and now the new bandwagon is that all cops are pigs and pawns of the state. None deserve respect and if they die so what? Now what have we got? Criminals still being criminals -shooting cops in the back and the attitude in the air is conducive for it…and propagated race riots (where more people are being hurt by their own) all the while the dirty or crooked cops are still being dirty or crooked cops, and militarized police are still just gearing up for the job that we are making it easier and easier for them to do-since we are trying to make war with them. The good cops (and I know some) are having it as hard as they ever have. Have we always had problems in this country-oh certainly. Have we always had criminals in office-certainly. I have a lot on my mind, and before they shut down the internet for hate speech and insensitivity I probably need to get a few things off my mind, while it’s still legal. My followers might decide they don’t really like my writing after all. It seems to me though we are either afraid of our responsibility (and say nothing) or we abuse our responsibility (bandwagons). Yeah, we have had our issues, our problems and we still do. But I would like a moment to be grateful for the much that was to be grateful for while it still may be experienced…because bad things are coming and I don’t want to remember and wish I had been more thankful for the many privileges and rights that I had. So in the coming days…if I say anything you don’t agree…well it was because I felt it had to be said.