On some ignorant sign in Alabama

Somebody put up a big white sign

they were taking their place
in the distracting lines

it was big and in lights

there in Alabama

talking about a white genocide

isn’t it the way it goes

when the authorities turn their face

and everybody gets a political space
and listing all the things you

cant do

cant say

cant type

cant play
some little minds

with their own agenda

comes in to the vacuum

for the frustrated masses
and the authorities turn their face

churning the agitation

and silencing  frustration

and all that is going on just keeps on asking

whats going on?

and no one wants to answer

but a big white sign

doing what they do

coming in on the vacuum

triggering fears and anger

something’s in the dirt in Alabama

something that never got cleansed

and now the authorities

moving their strings

trying to bring it all back home

home to Alabama

don’t succumb to what we see

it says nothing about you and me
but we cant speak for what we think

can’t hardly even for what we believe

and some small minds

with their big white signs

trying to start something

with old pains

there in Alabama..
pulling on frustrations
buying in to
some mass manipulations

becoming part of that whole game

while the faces frustrate the voices
and there are no responsibilities
because we got too blinded by choices

and since it didn’t get done

someones gonna do it

hey someone
but hey there is your speaking point

lets have that conversation again

going through the circle

like a madhouses carousel

get some more anger out of it

till they bring home hell

cant say

cant do

cant be

and some small minds allowed in the vacuum

petty some bandwagons

and the faces turn back

says I told you so

told you you were guilty

because there is something in the dirt

there in Alabama

Story-Racist Sign Taken Down


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