One Day

Like a bad habit
or a good one

Like a feint light

that the moths find

a heat that could never stay

but the flames found it


Everything gets its time
Everything gets its place

I’m gonna meet you one day
one day

kind of meeting
that’s gonna go away

like cigarettes and wine

I’ve got to give you up
one day
one day

parts of this is just

part of something else

and in some parts
something might always be

things we do
when things to do run free

and this free man

got a part of me

and parts of us

are gonna be parts that stay
and parts that leave

yeah like cigarettes and wine

burn like an addict

and stay like a sweet

something stays

and something leaves

in our little story
that will just keep telling
just in different ways

playing on that play

and see how it plays
shot to the senses
when the senses

want to make sense

and have no masks
in our world that pretends

I’m gonna meet you one day

everything gets it’s time

everything get’s its space

like cigarettes and wine

we gotta leave it one day

one day
it’s always one day


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