Things are changing

the winds are different now

kind of bitter in all the sweet
of our memories and songs

all the unwinding of tethers
and finding doors

in walls that were built all wrong

in the far corners of no one knows

in the last touches and whispers

the alliance of last lovers
and eternal friends

known voices

make unknown amends
things are changing baby
things always do

remember me
in our times and moments

I’ll remember you

things are changing

on a grander scale

see it happen as they come
and the final countdowns

have their final run

and when they make examples

as they come for us
with new chains corroded with old rust

remember me in the whispers
and strengths of lovers and friends

and allies that we have been

but for the moments that are fading

holding like its the last

in the voices known

making unknown amends
seeing you like the first time

seeing you again

winds of change sketch by Melissa Way


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