Born Male

Men in the desert
white privelaged racist

men on wall street
with their white privelaged money
women play victim and suffer

and march and cry and make a lot of money
at the expense of some white privelaged male

and the guity men keep repenting

for the sin of how they were born

can’t change who you are

but you can sure pay for it

pay for it all your life

Riots and rebellion

and disregard for life

trashed respnsibility
its no ones fault really

unless you are a privelaged male unseen
hey you werent even around
but that is what they believe
and the guilty men keep repenting
for the sin of being born male

cant help it baby
but you can change the world

and no matter how much you change it

and no matter how much you pay

you are still gonna be a privelaged male

maybe one day it wont be this way
cant pay your way out

cant give enough to charity

cant give enough to the right party

and weild enough anger for the all the different rights out there

there are still too many of you takin up too much space

white privelaged male

he shaves down the parts of himself
injects some silicone

and airbrushes himself to an illusion

making himself smaller

pays a lot of money and walks a little taller

in America you can be whatever you want
for the right price and sympathy
no one will tell you truth
in all this madness and rhetorical abuse
they hate men unless they act like women

and they hate women if they act like themselves
so lets make a whole a new distraction and pretend
and some pretends you cant walk away from

and no one dares say he is white privelaged male
maybe that only sometimes applies

sometimes when it’s necessary
to drown out questions
and project political lies

but no matter how you hack it baby

you can’t change who you are
but you can pay for it
guess you’ll be paying you whole life


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