I breathe in deep
still detoxing and thats the highest high I can get

a deeper breathe

all that oxygen in life

and its kind of scary sometimes

being nothing but alive
when you can hear your thoughts

and feel your feelings and there is nothing to numb that sensitivity
I sit and rock and tears at their own dicretion come to my eyes
and I pray and like when I was a kid

I know God hears me and He isn’t expecting me to be strong

or perfect and He knows I’ve been using crutches
and now He guides me to walk again
like a baby colt
or a butterfly beating at it’s cocoon

thats what we do
wrapping our blankets around us
till we don’t feel the smother
and it’s scary sometimes
when we start tearing out

and see all that light
with no filters


or sedatives
to put on masks or hide tears

and being alone
without or stuff

is the vulnerable kind of fears

and knowing God sees you

and you cant pretend He doesn’t
and feeling the wholeness
feeling it fully

and wondering how
how it is

then understanding its life

as it’s giver would have it



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