100 hundred lashes 

Except this is America

We don’t use whips just fines

100 lashes

From the tongues of those who won’t be offended

100 thousand dollars is the price

Take down your business

And everyone is silent

Lest they be the next silenced

Take take take away

Don’t have the right cards

You don’t get to play 

100 lashes

But this is America

And we don’t use whips

We use economic battles

When you don’t agree

Baby there’s a new faith in town

And you must believe

Don’t care about the Muslims

Don’t care about the faithless

Or the Mormons

Or the new agers

It’s just you 

The new invisible nation is after

And watch us choke you out

And hear the silence

As we insult and degrade you

You know it’s the truth

Objectivity and free speech 

We dish it out but don’t take it

…. Can’t have our cake and it eat it too 


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