Be careful what you say

There’s a new speech code

And the rules haven’t changed

It’s just a changed role

And if you’re surprised

You should’ve known

Be careful what you complain about

Or what you think

Or how loud

There’s a new PC code

And it’s a more more is less 

Kind of less is more reality

Kind of like let’s not agree to disagree

But jus be quiet if you don’t agree

Be careful what you pay attention to

Because the real bad news is going on behind you 

Whatever side you take someone’s lying

There telling the truth in parts 

The parts that will get to you

And make you cry and beg and pray

But they’re lying too

And the hidden price is one everyone pays

So be careful the sides you bet on

On this board everyone plays

A lot of useful idiots swallowing ideas

While the new wave rolls in 

Taking out all the pawns

Be careful what you buy into 

No ones getting a free ride 


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