American Idol

Watching the real American Idol

where politicians become rock stars

and see how well they sing

changing their voices

and changing their tunes

whenever they need to bang their drum

or …their strings gets moved
Carly Carly finally someone speaks for the women on this side

but..she has to make her appeals to the new religion of the state

and their enlightenment

so enlightened are we that we placate

must be more of the same, got to make a few concessions to the left

And Bernie man he just loves the people

loves the people so much that he is as angry as Donald
red faced and screaming and putting Jesus face on the sheriff of Nottingham

the only way to make us all equal is to make us all poor
and that ensures the puppeteers just get more

and when the business goes down all them jobs go out the door

unless you like working for the government

And you know Rand..
Well Rand just can’t seem to be his dad

and there goes Donald
well everyone gets their time
and that hot air didn’t get any of mine

and time is passed

and now time has told

what anyone who paid attention would know

no fiscal conservative here

just another progressive

working on a third term with a new face
a bunch of free stuff from the state
just like Bernie and Clinton and the Emperor with no clothes

but hey we are too blinded by the American Idol show

to really care

about China and Russia and their clanging of cages
or Iran and Isis and their brazening swords
or sovereignty vs globalization

or the trafficking of the lives we don’t want anymore

while the Idols veil it with words about independence and choice

and the Libertarian party must have been raped and divided

once Ron Paul’s campaign got stolen

since all they care about is marriage and weed

while race and sex and bigotry keep everyone quiet

They hate on Ben Carson while they applaud Farrakhan

but don’t dissent or you will give Louise his riot

don’t worry humble guys don’t win

and common sense gets abused

so blinded by the lights of the idols

and the PC police translating what was never said
intelligence never gets used

while fake stories get the press
and a few of the few

getting cornered in a game of verbal chess

to see who the supporters or dissenters are


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