In the way words hold memories

and memories hold words

sometimes to imprint harshly

and sometimes to undo damages done

some words gave wings

and spaces made those wings fly

in places maybe only poets understand

and understand what words cant explain

even in silences working things out

preparing for the replenish
to be expressed

in that space my wings are folded

listening to silence
or a hum drum hum

that is waiting for that expression

listening for the things only poets understand

or working it out
knowing I might not hear it again

butterfly-wallpaper-6 (1)



Remembering the fire

Carrying it in my heart

long a song I wrote

and my baby sang with me

praying in my soul

getting some clarity

out of all that condensed time

that now stretches out like an accordion

breathing and out

hey man I know you

I’ve got you here close to me

said I would stay
stay till you wanted me to leave

I guess you never did
or you never did say

but how selfish of me
to want to keep you

in that safe and tired space

so now I breathe in the fire
and the words and the times and frames

keeping them in their remembered place

hey man I know you

you saw me through any pretense
and heard things no one else could

so I let that coyote run

let that butterfly fly away

let that star rise

those transitions that put tears on my face
and for once it’s okay

how could I try to keep

what has outgrown the frame

you and me

transitions must transist

and it’s all good

it is just what it is

so the moon is out after the sky has cried

and I hold my coyote’s butterfly

to my side

and smile for once

on the outside

celebrate my love

celebrating life



Crazy things we do

When we are trying to deal

In an insane world

That just wants us to heal

hurry and Heal already

Move forward and beyond

Bury the things you don’t want to let go of

Keep your memories but

Keep them safe in your heart

In your heart

As your heart is the only one that knows

And the insanity sane predictions

Get it together and be

Try to the let them help but they really can’t

Try to get myself busy

And stay busy as I can

Somehow here on autopilot

Just watching myself move

Want to keep moving

But still don’t want to forget

Crazy things we do

Just trying to deal

To rectify

To solidify

And find my own closure

Shouldn’t be too hard

Except I’m just left

Left in the insanity

Left without your check ins

Or mine

And left without any place to put all this

Except on the inside

Just on the inside


Living in the past, when we were in the present reality

the future couldn’t touch yet

maybe it’s a poet’s thing

or maybe it was something to do with the signs

the air and the wind and the ever flowing lines

those things we wrote together

or things we processed alone

rushing some rush like a mad dive
maybe somehow knowing

too fast we would be on the end of that ride

rushing rush but so sweet and still too
a blessing a laughter
a sadness of reality

those things we wrote together

Things I process

Things I miss alone


Waves come around

and push through my eyes

and in those times

those kinds of tears wont be denied

push through the corners

and my lids are forced open

hell I’ve been authentic and real

why stop now

and I stare at some superficial

and dramas about supposed hurt and pains

hurt feelings and entitled gains

and wonder about what it is in the world

that people think are so important
and oh I know

I know it will pass

but the passing seems a long way away

I’ll get through this and still stand

as we all must find our ways

through our losses

and our heart aches

but strangely there is no heart ache to say

just a missing

a missing that no one can explain

so I let the waves come

and give no explanations to those
who really couldn’t care less

like in the beginning with laughter

here in the end those tears are mine

and they need no reason

or rhyme for those

who will never know that kind of song

Thank You

To the man who heard my voice

and let me in his world

Thank you

For the late nights

talking about nothing but everything

and all those lines

all those lines in between

Thank You

In this world of definitions

about whats real or beneficial

baby you were real and beneficial to me

for all the involvement and authenticity

for saying your own thank you

when it wasn’t necessary

for all the grateful times

thank you
for letting me unwind

after small disasters in my life

thank you

for just letting me in
giving time sensitive advice

from a fully lived life

thank you

for the love and muchness

that was ours in our moments

thank you

for allowing this creative woman
to be creative
and act out in rare forms
outside the box

and outside the world

Thank you

for always thanking me for being me

Thank you
Thank you for being my friend
being a kind of lover
and being a man


The banker mans been callin

and I don’t care

The bills are behind

I don’t care

and hey there is another shooting

and they are taking more of our money away

and I know I should

but I just don’t

call me apathetic

as I look at the overload

of all the senses

and I just shut down somewhere


it happened so fast

I pray and pray

smile for the season

and play the role I play

but at the end of the day

come home to big mess

just a big mess and I look around and
I don’t care

people call and unload their many pains

and I listen and say things I’ve always said

look at my many books

taking up spaces and I’ve never read

finally understanding pyromaniacs
maybe one day they just didn’t care

I’m not angry

too much of that going around

I just dont care