The banker mans been callin

and I don’t care

The bills are behind

I don’t care

and hey there is another shooting

and they are taking more of our money away

and I know I should

but I just don’t

call me apathetic

as I look at the overload

of all the senses

and I just shut down somewhere


it happened so fast

I pray and pray

smile for the season

and play the role I play

but at the end of the day

come home to big mess

just a big mess and I look around and
I don’t care

people call and unload their many pains

and I listen and say things I’ve always said

look at my many books

taking up spaces and I’ve never read

finally understanding pyromaniacs
maybe one day they just didn’t care

I’m not angry

too much of that going around

I just dont care




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