Waves come around

and push through my eyes

and in those times

those kinds of tears wont be denied

push through the corners

and my lids are forced open

hell I’ve been authentic and real

why stop now

and I stare at some superficial

and dramas about supposed hurt and pains

hurt feelings and entitled gains

and wonder about what it is in the world

that people think are so important
and oh I know

I know it will pass

but the passing seems a long way away

I’ll get through this and still stand

as we all must find our ways

through our losses

and our heart aches

but strangely there is no heart ache to say

just a missing

a missing that no one can explain

so I let the waves come

and give no explanations to those
who really couldn’t care less

like in the beginning with laughter

here in the end those tears are mine

and they need no reason

or rhyme for those

who will never know that kind of song


One thought on “Pain

  1. I can feel every word of this. Thank you for posting it.

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