Crazy things we do

When we are trying to deal

In an insane world

That just wants us to heal

hurry and Heal already

Move forward and beyond

Bury the things you don’t want to let go of

Keep your memories but

Keep them safe in your heart

In your heart

As your heart is the only one that knows

And the insanity sane predictions

Get it together and be

Try to the let them help but they really can’t

Try to get myself busy

And stay busy as I can

Somehow here on autopilot

Just watching myself move

Want to keep moving

But still don’t want to forget

Crazy things we do

Just trying to deal

To rectify

To solidify

And find my own closure

Shouldn’t be too hard

Except I’m just left

Left in the insanity

Left without your check ins

Or mine

And left without any place to put all this

Except on the inside

Just on the inside


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