For the Sake of the Song

For the sake of the time
and for the sake of the song
and who ever is writing that thing

some times its you and sometimes its me

and sometime its a firestorm

or meeting an oasis in a desert

sometimes its water and sometimes its a heat

and too many questions isolate the tune

and we don’t deconstruct here
I made my haven and it’s a safe place

and l let that man stay with me

whenever he is tired
or just when he is free

below the wide sky and its witnessing eyes
it was just not being alone

and though it is just what it is

it is some kind of home

sometimes its fire and sometimes a drink

but too much wondering

isolates the tune
and we dont sing out of key
Someone opened the gate and let that horse run
and she did run free
and I ran all over his pasture

I guess there are different safe places to run to

when you just want to run or just want to be

but I kept myself

and left my pretenses

and when it rains we dance in it

and when its hot we find some shade

and when its cold

we make it warm

and if its warm

its just turns to a burn

no matter the wreck outside

or the view points on the causes
or who is counting the costs
or listing out the losses

but in all those definitions
in this haven someone is listening

and there are all kinds of places to run
when you just want to run free
but in the reduction to the baselines of what matter

when he opened the gate he ran with me
no more digging up roots in the garden
as God is my witness I would never go hungry again
and I wouldnt be sorry

and that witness saw the whole thing
in the haven I made
and the safe place where he laid
so for the sake of the song
and whoever is writing that thing

and for the sake of the time
I kept myself when I stepped outside

outside that gate and outside those lines



One thought on “For the Sake of the Song

  1. Um, almost in tears halfway through.

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