Recently I visited my old page on originalpoetry …I decided to attempt writing poetry again. It is something I always did, but felt secretive about. In the politcal haze of the past six years, I got tired of ranting on “My Two Cents” blog, and since my life has been taking up more time then any movie I could write about, my “Appreciation for the Arts blog has been neglected as well. So I decided to transfer some of those old poems here…yet another wordpress  blog started by me. So if you are like me, and enjoy reading the soul and twisted perceptions of other people-feel free to peruse. If not..just continue following the other two, I’m sure I’ll have an opinion on social events soon enough. Thanks for stopping by. 


One thought on “About

  1. Hey there Danie
    I just wanted to pass the nomination to you for the Liebster Award
    You don’t have to do it
    But if you so choose
    Here’s the link

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