Thank You

To the man who heard my voice

and let me in his world

Thank you

For the late nights

talking about nothing but everything

and all those lines

all those lines in between

Thank You

In this world of definitions

about whats real or beneficial

baby you were real and beneficial to me

for all the involvement and authenticity

for saying your own thank you

when it wasn’t necessary

for all the grateful times

thank you
for letting me unwind

after small disasters in my life

thank you

for just letting me in
giving time sensitive advice

from a fully lived life

thank you

for the love and muchness

that was ours in our moments

thank you

for allowing this creative woman
to be creative
and act out in rare forms
outside the box

and outside the world

Thank you

for always thanking me for being me

Thank you
Thank you for being my friend
being a kind of lover
and being a man




If you are gonna run
now is a good place to start

before you get some kind of feeling

or feel something in the heart
hey these days women can do it just like men

display for the display and getting in on the lay

but in all that is to be seen

does anyone ever touch and does anyone ever see

gettin laid for gettin laid getting sun for one lat ray

well if you’re not gonna stay

now is a good place to run

people do it all the time

ain’t got time nobody has the time
and time runs out and wells run dry

better run before you’ve got no time
and we talk a deal about repression and fear

and we talk a deal about oppression repression or depression

all the masks of ways we get ourselves out of feeling

can’t take that time to touch and see
see and feel anything


so much skin in our vision we dont even see it anymore

so much laughing about love we don’t even feel it anymore
it’s progress you know
progress you know
and all the time we waste trying to get to next place
gotta have something to fight
and something till

and the definitions keep changing

no one knows when they are in prison

when they just want to their rights to the key

talking about the better places you never even seen
so no one recognizes when they are already free
just victimize they’re own space

waking up alone

and nowhere to belong
and need is such a bad word

cut off from the other
callous to the strengths that make us we

and vulnerabilities that never had the strength to be heard
robot women made their own stepford life
dressing and killing for each other
and the men just died

it was progress
just progress
of the stillborn life