Missing Words

We were word people

and that is how we flew

rhyme taking us above

to things unknown

yet we could get to

we were word people

and not the wasted type

nothing spilling on the floor

and wasting space and air

not the kind that makes the head ache

or the soul long for solace

not the kind that wears

yeah we were word people

Now it all that is unsaid


and unread

too much to say
gets lost in the silence

and the time that passes

killing this word person




Maybe my prime is dying

swirling in this time that is flying

trying to hang onto the fire thats been hiding

woman that grew into a little girls mind

now a little girl with a woman’s lines

tried to fly

but the season was over

and tree told her to stay with her grounding




That’s Why

butterfly-wallpaper-6 (1)
I always liked a good story

And smokey voice singing the news

Prose and commentary

That all of us can use

And all the women writers before

Probably would take away my card

For being too female with no anger

And I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Tell me about your hardship

I’ll tell you where to get some answers

Speak to me in ways that don’t victimize

And I’ll come out in your side

We can write that like allies

And I guess that’s why my heroes

Have always been men

From where I’m standing

I can’t see

What that class of feminism

Has done to feed me

I can write like you

And talk like you

To a certain degree

Until I dissent and you crucify me

So I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Some woman in Syria

Sudan and North Korea

Don’t get an eye

Because the eyes can’t get away

From some narcissistic entitled wave

Over here so blinded by something called

Male privelage

And while everyone is dying

We ignore it for something called choice

Choice to rob other voices

And I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Tell me a story that goes beyond

The sexes and informing of the isms

Aren’t we more than that

Give me space to be

Beyond the divisions in the divisions reality

And the self made victims who never got to see

I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

We all steal like artist

But when there’s nothing to see

Except look at me in all my victims brutality

Look at me I’m a woman

What’s next what’s next

And maybe baby

That’s why my story heroes

Have always been men

He says don’t stop writing

And here’s how

Man men are teachers

And fixers and preachers

And I guess that’s why

My supporters

Have always been men

Get over your fears of yourself

Says all my hero men

I felt tackled by all the stimulus
the never ending bad news

the very loud opinions
smacking their jaws
and pointing their fingers

and twisting their laws

and making very loud examples

what do you say
what do you say when your the new insane

the new enemy and the new fixation to blame

I got so tired
even my friends like to laugh

and blame and
they forget who their laughing at
it’s so good to tolerate yet hate

in the new world

where they don’t need you anymore
in a brand new religion
a brand new system of control

making very obvious loud noises

and fines and fixes

and examples …sacrificial to feed the masses

and I cried about what was in the shadows

in the background where the obvious isn’t seen

because people love to hate what they would never see
never feel and never believe

and the real blood and martyred
they died quietly

and they died singing praise

as they were never afraid
never fretting about the changing days

the loud noises
or the obvious displays
in theaters

for observers to pine or writhe

and when I felt them
they were us and I was them
in a quiet content

but….isn’t that what the loud voices

smacking their jaws

made those plays for

the straw men pawns to start a fire for the new slanderer

I’m so sorry you couldn’t see me for the noise
I’m so sorry you couldn’t see Him for the distortion

I’m so sorry for all of us
who would never be forgiven

by the new religion
the new system of control
the one making loud examples
so loud we in the real world are on mute

welcome to the new world

the one without the Christian

one without the Jew
remember us when you see
it wasn’t us who were the enemy