Privileged American Floors

Living constantly in a four walled room
that takes the same keys at all of it’s doors
see all our neighbors thru the windows
because nobody has decency anymore

and that same recipe calls for the two kinds of cake that everybody wants
so they can eat and have their food fight live

some eat with their hands

and some eat with their knives

and some just starve on their hamster wheels

quickly spinning blind


and me and all my neighbors

are Living on the grid of a hard wired hangover

and a stimulation high

of a sensitized extravagant soul

and zombified mind

wishing and hoping our cake gets its prize

and all the tenants run for the same door

but not till the shit gets tracked all over this

privileged American floor

we listen to music from paper mache singers
and we read stories about other zombies
and fall in love with vampires
and we think of Mao fondly

because we cant stand being alive
and the effort it takes to breathe
but we sure don’t want to die
and we clearly dont want to leave

our foreclosed house
funded by our virtual needs
and we keep watering
our rootless trees

and we just keep

Living constantly in a four walled room
that takes the same keys at all of it’s doors
and the curtains are waiting to be hung
because nobody has in decency anymore

and in our desperation we cant seem to get through those doors

without leaving shit on our privileged American floors






Standing in that place
where I had talked about moving

Staring at the place
where I just kept looking

I was waiting in the space

Where dreams come true

All those time they should

when they come looking for you

somewhere outside fairhope

We’ll always run these roads

We’ll always lay in this sand
And when we get old

we’ll talk about the beautiful

time when we were carefree

No matter how far we go

in our drunken minds
our turning years
in our bruised lines
and wild angry tears

We’ll grow old waiting
waiting in the space


so I never venture far

outside of Fairhope

outside of Fairhope

We’ll always run these streets

We’ll always lay in this sand

And we’ll stay young and free

and fighting the odds

and too scared to believe

that we might ever leave




The Other American Privilege

American Privilege

Like any other privilege

We say what we want in our safe circles

and criticize who we want outside of them

American Privilege

To scrutinize, demonize and hate
one side for their beliefs, their upbringing and views

while hiding behind keyboards

pens and politically sanctioned opinion
a safe space in another kind of church
just another form of beliefs, or upbringings, or views

American Privilege

having so much opportunity
so much grace

and Lord knows forgiveness

forgiveness for centuries of wayward ways

yet not forgiving each others

finding different ways to blame

American Privileged female

gets to act just like a man

American privileged  male

can change to a woman

American privileged teens

can read and write and learn the word objective but not what means
can grow up
blaming society
their peers
their parents
their grandparents
or their cotton candy wasted years

American Privilege
the privilege to learn all you can
and use it against those you love
and from the land you came

American Privilege
the privilege to say what you want
and kill with your words
to hate business
though it paid your taxes
to hate religion
though it taught you not to steal
to hate hate
but instill it in your soul
regulate perception of hate
same way some regulates perception of morality

its all about control

American Privilege

The privilege to come and become
to be better
to raise your kids as you see fit


not under any tyrannical governance
only to watch them grow, in a society so free

that they are free
to turn their backs on all that made it to be

Privileged to not know any worse off
Privileged to not grow up hearing from Russian immigrants
or orphans from Ukraine

To partake of immigrants wares

but never asked why those people came
privileged to use technology from entrepreneurs
to voice their disdain with their privileged free society
to boycott Israel
to stomp on the flag
to vote socialist

because Denmark is doing oh so well

and Reagan spent his life eating jelly beans and laughing about his privilege
envisioning a future of spoiled privileged kids
pretending to be adults
and lazily posting rhetoric about an overused words.

Privileged to abuse your freedom of responsibility
Privileged to be to ignorant to count the cost
Privileged to make the gamble
Privileged to be ignorant to the cost


Authors Note: Please don’t use your privilege to to assault this post. As of now this is still a free forum, and there are no “safe spaces” here. Also let it be said, that this is not an attack on any candidate,as they all have socialist tendencies (even Trump with his desire to expand the spying state with regulations on free speech) and America has been incorporating these tendencies and regulations for years. That being said, if anyone thinks that voting in socialism will help matters, they are blind to the socialism already here. Be objective and think outside what your circles and professors tell you. Find an immigrant from a socialist country. They are everywhere. Get off Facebook and get to know your country.  Peace




American Idol

Watching the real American Idol

where politicians become rock stars

and see how well they sing

changing their voices

and changing their tunes

whenever they need to bang their drum

or …their strings gets moved
Carly Carly finally someone speaks for the women on this side

but..she has to make her appeals to the new religion of the state

and their enlightenment

so enlightened are we that we placate

must be more of the same, got to make a few concessions to the left

And Bernie man he just loves the people

loves the people so much that he is as angry as Donald
red faced and screaming and putting Jesus face on the sheriff of Nottingham

the only way to make us all equal is to make us all poor
and that ensures the puppeteers just get more

and when the business goes down all them jobs go out the door

unless you like working for the government

And you know Rand..
Well Rand just can’t seem to be his dad

and there goes Donald
well everyone gets their time
and that hot air didn’t get any of mine

and time is passed

and now time has told

what anyone who paid attention would know

no fiscal conservative here

just another progressive

working on a third term with a new face
a bunch of free stuff from the state
just like Bernie and Clinton and the Emperor with no clothes

but hey we are too blinded by the American Idol show

to really care

about China and Russia and their clanging of cages
or Iran and Isis and their brazening swords
or sovereignty vs globalization

or the trafficking of the lives we don’t want anymore

while the Idols veil it with words about independence and choice

and the Libertarian party must have been raped and divided

once Ron Paul’s campaign got stolen

since all they care about is marriage and weed

while race and sex and bigotry keep everyone quiet

They hate on Ben Carson while they applaud Farrakhan

but don’t dissent or you will give Louise his riot

don’t worry humble guys don’t win

and common sense gets abused

so blinded by the lights of the idols

and the PC police translating what was never said
intelligence never gets used

while fake stories get the press
and a few of the few

getting cornered in a game of verbal chess

to see who the supporters or dissenters are

Lace and Wine

Wearing expensive lace
and drinking cheap wine

and wishing I still smoked

sometimes I have to cut off

and let my mind go

everything just gets too heavy

too heavy to carry
and the battles are too numerous to fight
Its too easy to run
but then everyone has their own stands
so no use in talking this out
everyone has their senses pre programmed.

So sometimes when feeling gets too tough
when I’m watching the world burn
and I’m not sure which match is gonna do us in

wearing expensive lace

and drinking cheap wine

wishing I still smoked

and praying I did something right


100 hundred lashes 

Except this is America

We don’t use whips just fines

100 lashes

From the tongues of those who won’t be offended

100 thousand dollars is the price

Take down your business

And everyone is silent

Lest they be the next silenced

Take take take away

Don’t have the right cards

You don’t get to play 

100 lashes

But this is America

And we don’t use whips

We use economic battles

When you don’t agree

Baby there’s a new faith in town

And you must believe

Don’t care about the Muslims

Don’t care about the faithless

Or the Mormons

Or the new agers

It’s just you 

The new invisible nation is after

And watch us choke you out

And hear the silence

As we insult and degrade you

You know it’s the truth

Objectivity and free speech 

We dish it out but don’t take it

…. Can’t have our cake and it eat it too 

When’s the last time

watching as all of us spectators
listening to the agitators
and talking heads
leading a nation by hashtags
and social media campaigns
makes you wonder sometimes
when was the last time you heard your own voice
when it wasn’t repeating someonelses misery
aggravations or offenses
watching like a spectator
same things done every other decade and just gets louder
and makes less sense
nothing left to do so they just make up new ways to do it
and be careful not to judge them while they judge you
and bring you to court for the things you dont want to do
twisted words of love
now twisted the meaning of hate
words are just like everything else these days
subjectective and transparent and conducive to its speaker
makes you wonder sometimes
when was the last time we laughed
and was genuinely grateful
or did we get so blind on some kicks we weren’t getting
and so angry wanting someone to pay
and now the price is to high
and everyone is broke
made all these concessions trying to keep peace
but they still build fires
still make cases
still make speeches
cling to you like a vampires and leeches
makes you wonder sometimes
when was the last time we heard quiet.