This is a political satire rant of a poem.
No white cis gendered men need apply

No black macho men either

No republican gay people apply

you’re not even alive

You know what only women allowed here

No matter how you identify

No natural health anti vaccers

No climate deniers

That means don’t question reality

in case I needed to clarify

No Israel defenders
No American veterans

and no police wives

no none of you need apply

girls and boys separate

starting early now

protect the girls from the patriarchal state

Black and whites separate

They’ll let you out when the time is right

Whenever they need some tension
To cause a fight

Any one that questions this

sit down and be quiet

No Christians

No Jews

No Amish

no preachers
and no home schooled teachers

No God fearing philosophical people here
No libertarian politics here
You blasphemers, hate mongers and stoners
line up to be stoned


no cisgendered white men apply
no no cisgendered men need apply


The Other American Privilege

American Privilege

Like any other privilege

We say what we want in our safe circles

and criticize who we want outside of them

American Privilege

To scrutinize, demonize and hate
one side for their beliefs, their upbringing and views

while hiding behind keyboards

pens and politically sanctioned opinion
a safe space in another kind of church
just another form of beliefs, or upbringings, or views

American Privilege

having so much opportunity
so much grace

and Lord knows forgiveness

forgiveness for centuries of wayward ways

yet not forgiving each others

finding different ways to blame

American Privileged female

gets to act just like a man

American privileged  male

can change to a woman

American privileged teens

can read and write and learn the word objective but not what means
can grow up
blaming society
their peers
their parents
their grandparents
or their cotton candy wasted years

American Privilege
the privilege to learn all you can
and use it against those you love
and from the land you came

American Privilege
the privilege to say what you want
and kill with your words
to hate business
though it paid your taxes
to hate religion
though it taught you not to steal
to hate hate
but instill it in your soul
regulate perception of hate
same way some regulates perception of morality

its all about control

American Privilege

The privilege to come and become
to be better
to raise your kids as you see fit


not under any tyrannical governance
only to watch them grow, in a society so free

that they are free
to turn their backs on all that made it to be

Privileged to not know any worse off
Privileged to not grow up hearing from Russian immigrants
or orphans from Ukraine

To partake of immigrants wares

but never asked why those people came
privileged to use technology from entrepreneurs
to voice their disdain with their privileged free society
to boycott Israel
to stomp on the flag
to vote socialist

because Denmark is doing oh so well

and Reagan spent his life eating jelly beans and laughing about his privilege
envisioning a future of spoiled privileged kids
pretending to be adults
and lazily posting rhetoric about an overused words.

Privileged to abuse your freedom of responsibility
Privileged to be to ignorant to count the cost
Privileged to make the gamble
Privileged to be ignorant to the cost


Authors Note: Please don’t use your privilege to to assault this post. As of now this is still a free forum, and there are no “safe spaces” here. Also let it be said, that this is not an attack on any candidate,as they all have socialist tendencies (even Trump with his desire to expand the spying state with regulations on free speech) and America has been incorporating these tendencies and regulations for years. That being said, if anyone thinks that voting in socialism will help matters, they are blind to the socialism already here. Be objective and think outside what your circles and professors tell you. Find an immigrant from a socialist country. They are everywhere. Get off Facebook and get to know your country.  Peace





Expect to hear sirens

Expect on all out war

Expect riots and fire

and were you surprised

at the results of that propagated
blurred stories and shadowed lies
check your privilege if you think its wrong
watch your six
and protect your home
dividing lines on blurred line stories

but  they are all waiting
on each side of that chasm

were you really surprised
surprised that you played into the hand

played right in to the expectations
like dolls on wires
creating chaos on fires

organized in the ruin

organized blames

where the details were unclear

but all believe what we want to hear

check your status
check your privilege

but don’t check your sight
and your responsibility
when you play into the hand

of propagated expectations

it’s all about the bottom line

and control out of chaos

right time right players right story

and the right angers

expect the worst

and someones gonna play
believe the expected

and everyone’s gonna pay


Concession made in the light

dangers done in the night

Concession are made
and it’s alright

people make the trade

so they wont have to fight

Concessions made in the light

dont tell the right hand

left gets it done in the night

and concessions made

and everybody sings

they get the trade

yeah its just a trade

distractions in the actions

concessions made in the light

and confessions made in the dark

yeah confessions to the laughing evil

you got a blind a few

the whore drinks the blood of the saints

the blood of the innocent

and the life of those who faint

faint for concessions

The Land of …(2010) updated 2014

Land of the sheep
home of the slave
pardon me while I salute
the last patriots grave
they told me it was a lie
and they told me I shouldnt even try
but maybe if I did

then maybe I could have died
thank God they cant see it
what we voted in to pass
while we legislated morality
and sold ourselves to slavery
to bypass responsibility

and now

they have tied up the eagles
before the eagles started to die

guess it was a symbolic heartache
as we cant see eagles cry

and there is no one to save us now
the ones with money guide the wars
and that wasn’t not you and I my friend
since love of money is the root of evil
or those who  know have said
and no longer were we the best
the best of us are laid to rest

here among thousands of plain white crosses

that no one remembers or sees

because no one cares
or even believes

and thank God they cant see us like this
embracing everything they saw on foreign lands
ask your patriots alive

ask them

who will save us now

we have tied the eagle
and then knotted the rope
we have have busted the anchors
and united the globe
there are no dreams left in this land
but there is a lot of waste
and who will save us now
from this desolate place