I’m so tired
here at the end of this year
this year of mourning

denied and repressed

until I cried alone

and alone I undressed

I’m so tired
the end of this year of failed starts
classes that were endured
in a high healing smoke
friends and family  that isolate me
in their righteous fist waving
look me in the face and call me those names

I guess the more we try to prove

the more we stay the same
becoming what we hate
and the hate just breeds more hate
and accuses the other of the same
and it just gets louder
until alone you cry
and alone you get dressed

and we can put on faces
and we can take up causes
but in that mirror of our anger

we still face the last laugh
in our sad but true nakedness

as we raise our righteous fists
and rot in our pride

and hang ourselves on our lies

I’m so tired
tired of these petty sins

that get shoved in our faces again and again

give me my pipe and my paper
and let me see my friends

take your arguments
for they will always be there

take your words that cut

because one day you’ll see the people in between the lines

take all the support only love could give

and then slap me with the time that remains

like some kind of retrograde

take all the support and use it like a soapbox

point your finger and preach
yes…because we become what we hate
and eventually hate what we become

and one day you will be alone

while you are coming undone

and I’m tired

at the end of the year of transitions
I didn’t even get to welcome the change
since all the anti shame warriors then felt the need to shame
so go get on your soap box and leave me be
hand me my pipe and free the weed

because in this circle the real life doers are still getting along

understanding life and love and peace

and we don’t put on faces
and we don’t take up causes
that mirror nothing but the oppressor

and we know who has the last laugh
on the last days of all of our age

when we mirror what we hated

when we face what we run from

when we undress








He told me to disconnect

to go find my peace of mind

Don’t you know its not real anyway

both sides playing propaganda

life goes on it goes on everyday

Here we are trying to live in relation to God
but in a system built on a fallen angel
and why worry about how Babylon does things
the confusions in a distorted lens
getting tangled in all those strings

Maybe we weren’t created to run like this

on the constant social updates on angers
breathing and repeating

the opinions of strangers

and maybe we weren’t created to breathe like this

the toxicity of chatroom debates

and trolls pushing buttons

so much mental whiplash no one can think

but everyone oh everyone needs

to believe

we are the worst

the worst of the earth

and if you cant see it here is another placard

to fuel your confusion


and so he said

baby don’t you know this isn’t ours to carry

we’re trying to live of God

in a system built on a fallen angel

the author of discord

and it’s not in anyone’s destiny

to destroy the world
that’s a lot of propaganda

for money and ratings and control

cut it off

and go back to the truth you know

get in your prayer room
and find your peace

write your songs
and plant your seeds

because we are trying to love God

in a system that distorted His name

and since when are we to worry

about how Babylon does things