This is a political satire rant of a poem.
No white cis gendered men need apply

No black macho men either

No republican gay people apply

you’re not even alive

You know what only women allowed here

No matter how you identify

No natural health anti vaccers

No climate deniers

That means don’t question reality

in case I needed to clarify

No Israel defenders
No American veterans

and no police wives

no none of you need apply

girls and boys separate

starting early now

protect the girls from the patriarchal state

Black and whites separate

They’ll let you out when the time is right

Whenever they need some tension
To cause a fight

Any one that questions this

sit down and be quiet

No Christians

No Jews

No Amish

no preachers
and no home schooled teachers

No God fearing philosophical people here
No libertarian politics here
You blasphemers, hate mongers and stoners
line up to be stoned


no cisgendered white men apply
no no cisgendered men need apply


Wrapped Up in My Privilege (Satire)

 This post comes adapted with a trigger warning

Triggered at the beginning so be sure to be warned

that you will be triggered


I went to my safe space
I have two

one is my sleep everyone is safe when they sleep

if you live in America

in the country
where there aren’t any aggressive sirens

or loud people arguing about their wives


Everyone is safe when they sleep

if you are a heavy sleeper
and you have a big fat privileged cat

Everyone is a safe when they sleep

if you are already born and can be seen as human

not a embryonic tumor feeding off a bunch of privileged American women who don’t want you


My other safe space is none of your business

because he is mine

and man those social justice women

wouldn’t like that gaze he gives me

when I’m just a woman as free as ever a woman has ever wanted to be


I went to sleep in my deep way
let the laundry go and the dishes go

and unplugged my computer
and let all the riots and protesters dig themselves in

I hid from the microaggression of that guy who acted like I shouldn’t know what a Tandoori grill is

in Alabama

and that woman that didn’t know what a vegan was

because clearly we are all white racists
in Alabama

watching Nascar and eating chicken
I hid from the long philosophical talks about plants and history


I held on to my fat privileged cat who is my only real friend because humans are the only evil animals on earth

according to the ASPCA and PETA and all the animal justice warriors

and that is why my cat is not guilty of her privilege

because an entiteled evil human being feeds herimage