I wait until the night

though I don’t mean to

I find myself waiting up

and then find myself listening for you

and sometime it’s a sad moment

and sometimes it a just a laugh

gets lost in the wind

as I wait sometimes in the night

like the night is an old friend

Sometimes I have a glass of wine

and think of you

Sometimes I burn lavender

and think of you

that frankincense and argon oil

I had to bring to you

Sometimes it’s sad

wondering what good did it do

Sometimes I burn green

and say yes

yes to life like I said yes to you

and smile and say man

wouldv’e been nice to share this with you

this time right here

cause I see you laughing

told you girl

right there , in my mind

but it’s sometimes and everytime

for all the times I had with you

a lot of laugh time

in that frame there of a window

of it’s all about time

that time that was with you

Full-Moon-Night and clouds





I remembered something 

When I was thinking about you

Wherever you are 

I’m sure you remember too

And whatever’s whatever

In whatever is is

Those present moments

Of presence presents to give

Where life and alive gives

And gives

Sometimes those memories

In early mornings

Meet me with a kiss

That sparkle it comes with the wind

And I know

You know 

Those secret times

Of played out realities

And collaborated rhymes

Yes maybe they had their times

But what is time anyway

Just a recording of places

That energies won’t erase

I remembered something


In all our somethings

Of sparkle

And shine

That was so bright in our alives

Through that space

And through that time 


when it hits me
the feeling or memory

like I could just call

or send you a line

write all incognito

and pretend that your mine


when I have a thought

or an idea

or if I’m just confused and mad at the world

and want my escape


When things are going bad
or going good

changes are changes
as changes should


Are some times

When I just miss you

I miss the way it was
and the way it wasn’t

The way we were

and the way we pretended
with no pretenses

I miss your voice
and your face

I miss all I didn’t want to know

that made us us in our space

and sometimes baby

when I’m fully alive the way you showed me

I cry real tears in some real alive anger

I’m so mad at you for leaving

didn’t you think I would miss you

was there nothing you could have told me

on your way out to the stars

but sometimes


across all that space and time

there is never going to be a place to far

and sometimes

I still hear
all that I miss
and feel
our breath like a kiss

and I’m doing my best
to keep my alive alive


remembering some time



Saw a thing today I was gonna tell you about it

Heard some conversation that I thought were clever
I was going to ask if you thought any of this made sense

and what your take was on the state of the union

as the states stance seems to change every day

I was gonna ask if you had ever been to Paris

I know we should be grateful and so I am

but this thing about time is she don’t give a damn

I should have said more when there were spaces to say it

and I should have asked more when there was room to grow
and I should have held you face when it was in my hands

and took clearer pictures in my mind

and I know I should be thankful

and so I always will be

but the thing about time is it’s not endless
and its not free

For all the little times there is beautiful remembrance

and who could have thought it or known it to happen

dreamed it into being

or it was allowed from the creator of times

I was going to ask you something

or tell you something

that thing about time and timing


she takes away and never tells when she will return it
that thing about timing
she is beauty or she just don’t give a damn


Things are changing

the winds are different now

kind of bitter in all the sweet
of our memories and songs

all the unwinding of tethers
and finding doors

in walls that were built all wrong

in the far corners of no one knows

in the last touches and whispers

the alliance of last lovers
and eternal friends

known voices

make unknown amends
things are changing baby
things always do

remember me
in our times and moments

I’ll remember you

things are changing

on a grander scale

see it happen as they come
and the final countdowns

have their final run

and when they make examples

as they come for us
with new chains corroded with old rust

remember me in the whispers
and strengths of lovers and friends

and allies that we have been

but for the moments that are fading

holding like its the last

in the voices known

making unknown amends
seeing you like the first time

seeing you again

winds of change sketch by Melissa Way

Wild Fire and Windows

Because this wild fire
Gets down to embers sometimes
And thunder doesn’t even produce rain
And this wild fire gets reckless sometimes
And sometimes needs a quiet same
Hey give me my window
For the reflection
Give me my window
For my space
And give me my window
Out side the commentary
Out side of the tyranny of shoulds
And out side of ordinary
Because this wild fire
Burns out sometimes
And this wild fire forgets what she’s burning
Always firing and always learning
In the reality of what’s gonna go down
The real raw deals
And the excuses and the the steals
Give me my window
And room where I make it right
Give me my window
Where I’ve got my free time
To seek and pray
Or rant and write
Real or not
That view is mine
If you don’t hear the song
It wasn’t for you anyway
Because this wildfire
Sometimes burns real bright
It’s not the way it was planned
It’s just the way it goes down
Didn’t ask for permission to burn
Those borders down
So give me my window
Where I can get the view
This window ain’t about dues
And if you get the invite
There was only a few
Maybe a quiet sameness
Must have been burning there too
Get your smoke and thoughts together
There’s a space for you

Debts Due

Defined by the prototypes
The paid proper actors
And the sold souls for hire
Defined by our worse
Our worst actions and our hidden lies
Everything gets uncovered
And everything comes to the light
We get to pay for the past
While the past meets the present
Last is first and first is last
But it’s a mirror of the real
It’s still the paid agitators
The well placed actors
And the sold souls for hire
Either side will do
Because the debts are due
And someone got to be the scapegoat
In the straw man debates
Might as well be the old and the new
progressive illusion that is old as hell
Get in line you seer of truth
Things that haven’t even happened yet
All that is wrong comes down on you
And the debts are due
The debts are due