1st Time Published

I recently submitted an article to elephant Journal. It has been accepted and I got a nice email saying it published today.  Here is the link and thank you all for your support.


It’s so cold 

Talk about reality baby

I sure do feel that realism now

Something about no fires

No sparks and no sounding boards

Or boards that just deflect

Talk about that reality baby

And now I’m just weaving through that life

Can’t get far enough away

And can’t rebel enough against the reality now

Days like these

I just remember the reality 

Of the day’s up to now

I just want to tell you 

About the minute adventures

And the ice 

And the Cold

And I so miss you

When it’s cold

Wish I could tell you about the Cold

And the ice and the minature aggrevations 

And no matter where I am right now

It’s just so damn cold 

Baby are you with me

Like it’s warm now that you are



But here I am 

In yesterday’s memory of reality

So alone in this one

And no matter where I go

It’s just so damn cold

Love the one your with 

Or so they say

But we’re still alone there

Not like Us when it it was what it was

I sure miss you baby

And remember January 

Last year

When it was so cold

Baby the world just colder

Without you

Hear you say 

“Yes” and ” I know”

Sure do love you

You know

You know

I wish I could tell you

About the ice

And the snow

And hear you laugh about it all

It is what is

And it’s so damn cold