That’s Why

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I always liked a good story

And smokey voice singing the news

Prose and commentary

That all of us can use

And all the women writers before

Probably would take away my card

For being too female with no anger

And I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Tell me about your hardship

I’ll tell you where to get some answers

Speak to me in ways that don’t victimize

And I’ll come out in your side

We can write that like allies

And I guess that’s why my heroes

Have always been men

From where I’m standing

I can’t see

What that class of feminism

Has done to feed me

I can write like you

And talk like you

To a certain degree

Until I dissent and you crucify me

So I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Some woman in Syria

Sudan and North Korea

Don’t get an eye

Because the eyes can’t get away

From some narcissistic entitled wave

Over here so blinded by something called

Male privelage

And while everyone is dying

We ignore it for something called choice

Choice to rob other voices

And I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Tell me a story that goes beyond

The sexes and informing of the isms

Aren’t we more than that

Give me space to be

Beyond the divisions in the divisions reality

And the self made victims who never got to see

I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

We all steal like artist

But when there’s nothing to see

Except look at me in all my victims brutality

Look at me I’m a woman

What’s next what’s next

And maybe baby

That’s why my story heroes

Have always been men

He says don’t stop writing

And here’s how

Man men are teachers

And fixers and preachers

And I guess that’s why

My supporters

Have always been men

Get over your fears of yourself

Says all my hero men

Sad Baby

I’m sad and it won’t stop


Mourning something in a real slow good bye


And maybe it’s just society

In all their disregard

For all their former niceties

Maybe it’s the game getting played

And played to close to home this time

Maybe it’s the disregard

For all the rhymes this time

I’m sad and it won’t stop


Maybe it’s the reflection

Of the naval gazing narcissistic disorders

Looking on themselves

Till there’s nothing left but

Someone else

Sucking souls dry

In a human eat human


In a world gone mad

Mad got the best of society

Hate themselves and damn proud of it

Yeah we don’t discriminate

Unless someone doesn’t agree

Doesn’t agree


I’m just sad and it won’t stop baby

But maybe

Maybe it’s just grieving

Of somethings future

Not yet gone

Not yet real

And not yet lost

Missing missing

And missing you didn’t tell me

How to do this sad


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Glimmer Train in My Mind

I was riding the glimmer train in my mind
it had been too long
too long since I felt this high

I had my feet in the dirt
and my head in the sky

why is it only certain voices matter
on certain sexes and colors
if you are a woman you better have it all
you better rock the vote but only for choice

love and peace and stuff
but not for no man in your life

why is that they want you to have it all
but want you to also hate those that do
and why do we ignore the ethnic thinkers,speakers and inventors

that don’t identify as victims
seems like nothing is really real

anything you see is up for the steal

and all our loves and wants and stories

on some level get plagiarized
or twisted until they are unrecognizable reflections

or just plain lies

I had gotten down so low

and remembered some talks and prayers

and advisory or just some moments shared

and remembered getting on that glimmer train

in my mind

yeah it had been too long since I got that high
with my feet in the dirt
and my head in the sky


American Idol

Watching the real American Idol

where politicians become rock stars

and see how well they sing

changing their voices

and changing their tunes

whenever they need to bang their drum

or …their strings gets moved
Carly Carly finally someone speaks for the women on this side

but..she has to make her appeals to the new religion of the state

and their enlightenment

so enlightened are we that we placate

must be more of the same, got to make a few concessions to the left

And Bernie man he just loves the people

loves the people so much that he is as angry as Donald
red faced and screaming and putting Jesus face on the sheriff of Nottingham

the only way to make us all equal is to make us all poor
and that ensures the puppeteers just get more

and when the business goes down all them jobs go out the door

unless you like working for the government

And you know Rand..
Well Rand just can’t seem to be his dad

and there goes Donald
well everyone gets their time
and that hot air didn’t get any of mine

and time is passed

and now time has told

what anyone who paid attention would know

no fiscal conservative here

just another progressive

working on a third term with a new face
a bunch of free stuff from the state
just like Bernie and Clinton and the Emperor with no clothes

but hey we are too blinded by the American Idol show

to really care

about China and Russia and their clanging of cages
or Iran and Isis and their brazening swords
or sovereignty vs globalization

or the trafficking of the lives we don’t want anymore

while the Idols veil it with words about independence and choice

and the Libertarian party must have been raped and divided

once Ron Paul’s campaign got stolen

since all they care about is marriage and weed

while race and sex and bigotry keep everyone quiet

They hate on Ben Carson while they applaud Farrakhan

but don’t dissent or you will give Louise his riot

don’t worry humble guys don’t win

and common sense gets abused

so blinded by the lights of the idols

and the PC police translating what was never said
intelligence never gets used

while fake stories get the press
and a few of the few

getting cornered in a game of verbal chess

to see who the supporters or dissenters are

Some thoughts

I don’t ask questions about God
to people who blame Him

and I don’t ask questions about life

to people who take life for granted

I just try to emanate , to radiate
and somehow remind us to appreciate

there’s much to be angry about

yet too many angry people

martyrs for their own causes

both the God honoring and the godless

love to nail themselves down
love to point and scream

and hear their sounds

no thoughts are original

especially in today’s days

you look back far enough
everyone is plagiarizing
today’s philosopher’s
never looked up their forefathers

and we all see through today’s lens
and nothing else matters except today’s pretends

and so I don’t take

answers from people who don’t understand questions
and who have nothing but their own anger
to distribute to this generation

this generation with nothing but void to fill
this generation looking for anything
anything to give it will

and pushing the schism
and making us a “them”

I don’t ask questions about life
to those who take life for granted
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He told me to disconnect

to go find my peace of mind

Don’t you know its not real anyway

both sides playing propaganda

life goes on it goes on everyday

Here we are trying to live in relation to God
but in a system built on a fallen angel
and why worry about how Babylon does things
the confusions in a distorted lens
getting tangled in all those strings

Maybe we weren’t created to run like this

on the constant social updates on angers
breathing and repeating

the opinions of strangers

and maybe we weren’t created to breathe like this

the toxicity of chatroom debates

and trolls pushing buttons

so much mental whiplash no one can think

but everyone oh everyone needs

to believe

we are the worst

the worst of the earth

and if you cant see it here is another placard

to fuel your confusion


and so he said

baby don’t you know this isn’t ours to carry

we’re trying to live of God

in a system built on a fallen angel

the author of discord

and it’s not in anyone’s destiny

to destroy the world
that’s a lot of propaganda

for money and ratings and control

cut it off

and go back to the truth you know

get in your prayer room
and find your peace

write your songs
and plant your seeds

because we are trying to love God

in a system that distorted His name

and since when are we to worry

about how Babylon does things

I felt tackled by all the stimulus
the never ending bad news

the very loud opinions
smacking their jaws
and pointing their fingers

and twisting their laws

and making very loud examples

what do you say
what do you say when your the new insane

the new enemy and the new fixation to blame

I got so tired
even my friends like to laugh

and blame and
they forget who their laughing at
it’s so good to tolerate yet hate

in the new world

where they don’t need you anymore
in a brand new religion
a brand new system of control

making very obvious loud noises

and fines and fixes

and examples …sacrificial to feed the masses

and I cried about what was in the shadows

in the background where the obvious isn’t seen

because people love to hate what they would never see
never feel and never believe

and the real blood and martyred
they died quietly

and they died singing praise

as they were never afraid
never fretting about the changing days

the loud noises
or the obvious displays
in theaters

for observers to pine or writhe

and when I felt them
they were us and I was them
in a quiet content

but….isn’t that what the loud voices

smacking their jaws

made those plays for

the straw men pawns to start a fire for the new slanderer

I’m so sorry you couldn’t see me for the noise
I’m so sorry you couldn’t see Him for the distortion

I’m so sorry for all of us
who would never be forgiven

by the new religion
the new system of control
the one making loud examples
so loud we in the real world are on mute

welcome to the new world

the one without the Christian

one without the Jew
remember us when you see
it wasn’t us who were the enemy