Saw a thing today I was gonna tell you about it

Heard some conversation that I thought were clever
I was going to ask if you thought any of this made sense

and what your take was on the state of the union

as the states stance seems to change every day

I was gonna ask if you had ever been to Paris

I know we should be grateful and so I am

but this thing about time is she don’t give a damn

I should have said more when there were spaces to say it

and I should have asked more when there was room to grow
and I should have held you face when it was in my hands

and took clearer pictures in my mind

and I know I should be thankful

and so I always will be

but the thing about time is it’s not endless
and its not free

For all the little times there is beautiful remembrance

and who could have thought it or known it to happen

dreamed it into being

or it was allowed from the creator of times

I was going to ask you something

or tell you something

that thing about time and timing


she takes away and never tells when she will return it
that thing about timing
she is beauty or she just don’t give a damn

When I was in California

I got some sun in California

for a day or so
and I thought man, is this the same sun that shines every where else?

I was out in wine country and sitting under the big western sky
and thought man are these the same stars that poke through every one else’s night?

This is what I’ve been missing

and it’s interesting the perceptions we have about places

and people and their spaces

the breath of the grapes and their dirt

the openness of the sky

and the dryness in the air

makes you come alive

and then the tourist traps selling their tourist crap

from places where history was made

here get your Alcatrez magnet

I saw my lover in California
or maybe California is part my lover

those wide open thought spaces

stars in his eyes

and dry like the warm heat of the sun
and the breath of the life in the dirt

that feeds the grapes that I drink by the bottle

a high kind of buzz

its the same kind of thing

baby gets his own set of mindless tourism

but please no magnets from Alcatrez

Fell in to California
or California just kept part of me

either way I met my lover in California

or California part was my lover


Wrapped Up in My Privilege (Satire)

 This post comes adapted with a trigger warning

Triggered at the beginning so be sure to be warned

that you will be triggered


I went to my safe space
I have two

one is my sleep everyone is safe when they sleep

if you live in America

in the country
where there aren’t any aggressive sirens

or loud people arguing about their wives


Everyone is safe when they sleep

if you are a heavy sleeper
and you have a big fat privileged cat

Everyone is a safe when they sleep

if you are already born and can be seen as human

not a embryonic tumor feeding off a bunch of privileged American women who don’t want you


My other safe space is none of your business

because he is mine

and man those social justice women

wouldn’t like that gaze he gives me

when I’m just a woman as free as ever a woman has ever wanted to be


I went to sleep in my deep way
let the laundry go and the dishes go

and unplugged my computer
and let all the riots and protesters dig themselves in

I hid from the microaggression of that guy who acted like I shouldn’t know what a Tandoori grill is

in Alabama

and that woman that didn’t know what a vegan was

because clearly we are all white racists
in Alabama

watching Nascar and eating chicken
I hid from the long philosophical talks about plants and history


I held on to my fat privileged cat who is my only real friend because humans are the only evil animals on earth

according to the ASPCA and PETA and all the animal justice warriors

and that is why my cat is not guilty of her privilege

because an entiteled evil human being feeds herimage


Waking up with a start

Dreaming of your face

Nothing to hold on to but thought


Nothing to voice but pray

Funny how’s it always plays

Be it street or prescribed

It’s always synthetic and derived

Putting up a glass wall

Between what I see

And what I can touch 

But when I could wasn’t it so much

Just so much 

Waking up with a grieving sound

Coming out of my soul

There’s thing we say

But then there’s things we know

And what I knew I just don’t know anymore

If you’re gonna leave 

You could have closed the door

But it’s just a review 

A reoccurrence 

Of all those glass walls

And glass locked doors

The things we see

But can’t get to

Means something to me

Said it means something to you

Begging the winds not to take you

But then that’s selfish of me

To think I could hold something

Till I touched that life

That touched me

Waking up with a start

And I was calling for you

Don’t you do it, don’t you leave

But I couldn’t reach you

When I was awakened 

Weren’t you there too

Weren’t you there too

That’s Why

butterfly-wallpaper-6 (1)
I always liked a good story

And smokey voice singing the news

Prose and commentary

That all of us can use

And all the women writers before

Probably would take away my card

For being too female with no anger

And I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Tell me about your hardship

I’ll tell you where to get some answers

Speak to me in ways that don’t victimize

And I’ll come out in your side

We can write that like allies

And I guess that’s why my heroes

Have always been men

From where I’m standing

I can’t see

What that class of feminism

Has done to feed me

I can write like you

And talk like you

To a certain degree

Until I dissent and you crucify me

So I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Some woman in Syria

Sudan and North Korea

Don’t get an eye

Because the eyes can’t get away

From some narcissistic entitled wave

Over here so blinded by something called

Male privelage

And while everyone is dying

We ignore it for something called choice

Choice to rob other voices

And I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

Tell me a story that goes beyond

The sexes and informing of the isms

Aren’t we more than that

Give me space to be

Beyond the divisions in the divisions reality

And the self made victims who never got to see

I guess that’s why

My heroes have always been men

We all steal like artist

But when there’s nothing to see

Except look at me in all my victims brutality

Look at me I’m a woman

What’s next what’s next

And maybe baby

That’s why my story heroes

Have always been men

He says don’t stop writing

And here’s how

Man men are teachers

And fixers and preachers

And I guess that’s why

My supporters

Have always been men

Get over your fears of yourself

Says all my hero men

Sad Baby

I’m sad and it won’t stop


Mourning something in a real slow good bye


And maybe it’s just society

In all their disregard

For all their former niceties

Maybe it’s the game getting played

And played to close to home this time

Maybe it’s the disregard

For all the rhymes this time

I’m sad and it won’t stop


Maybe it’s the reflection

Of the naval gazing narcissistic disorders

Looking on themselves

Till there’s nothing left but

Someone else

Sucking souls dry

In a human eat human


In a world gone mad

Mad got the best of society

Hate themselves and damn proud of it

Yeah we don’t discriminate

Unless someone doesn’t agree

Doesn’t agree


I’m just sad and it won’t stop baby

But maybe

Maybe it’s just grieving

Of somethings future

Not yet gone

Not yet real

And not yet lost

Missing missing

And missing you didn’t tell me

How to do this sad


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Glimmer Train in My Mind

I was riding the glimmer train in my mind
it had been too long
too long since I felt this high

I had my feet in the dirt
and my head in the sky

why is it only certain voices matter
on certain sexes and colors
if you are a woman you better have it all
you better rock the vote but only for choice

love and peace and stuff
but not for no man in your life

why is that they want you to have it all
but want you to also hate those that do
and why do we ignore the ethnic thinkers,speakers and inventors

that don’t identify as victims
seems like nothing is really real

anything you see is up for the steal

and all our loves and wants and stories

on some level get plagiarized
or twisted until they are unrecognizable reflections

or just plain lies

I had gotten down so low

and remembered some talks and prayers

and advisory or just some moments shared

and remembered getting on that glimmer train

in my mind

yeah it had been too long since I got that high
with my feet in the dirt
and my head in the sky