Regarding Samuel

Hey guys

I’m so thankful

And excited to to announce to you all

I’ve been featured in

Z publishing houses

Emerging Poets Southeast Region

Released today

You can grab a copy in time for the holiday now.

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For the Sake of the Song

For the sake of the time
and for the sake of the song
and who ever is writing that thing

some times its you and sometimes its me

and sometime its a firestorm

or meeting an oasis in a desert

sometimes its water and sometimes its a heat

and too many questions isolate the tune

and we don’t deconstruct here
I made my haven and it’s a safe place

and l let that man stay with me

whenever he is tired
or just when he is free

below the wide sky and its witnessing eyes
it was just not being alone

and though it is just what it is

it is some kind of home

sometimes its fire and sometimes a drink

but too much wondering

isolates the tune
and we dont sing out of key
Someone opened the gate and let that horse run
and she did run free
and I ran all over his pasture

I guess there are different safe places to run to

when you just want to run or just want to be

but I kept myself

and left my pretenses

and when it rains we dance in it

and when its hot we find some shade

and when its cold

we make it warm

and if its warm

its just turns to a burn

no matter the wreck outside

or the view points on the causes
or who is counting the costs
or listing out the losses

but in all those definitions
in this haven someone is listening

and there are all kinds of places to run
when you just want to run free
but in the reduction to the baselines of what matter

when he opened the gate he ran with me
no more digging up roots in the garden
as God is my witness I would never go hungry again
and I wouldnt be sorry

and that witness saw the whole thing
in the haven I made
and the safe place where he laid
so for the sake of the song
and whoever is writing that thing

and for the sake of the time
I kept myself when I stepped outside

outside that gate and outside those lines


This is a political satire rant of a poem.
No white cis gendered men need apply

No black macho men either

No republican gay people apply

you’re not even alive

You know what only women allowed here

No matter how you identify

No natural health anti vaccers

No climate deniers

That means don’t question reality

in case I needed to clarify

No Israel defenders
No American veterans

and no police wives

no none of you need apply

girls and boys separate

starting early now

protect the girls from the patriarchal state

Black and whites separate

They’ll let you out when the time is right

Whenever they need some tension
To cause a fight

Any one that questions this

sit down and be quiet

No Christians

No Jews

No Amish

no preachers
and no home schooled teachers

No God fearing philosophical people here
No libertarian politics here
You blasphemers, hate mongers and stoners
line up to be stoned


no cisgendered white men apply
no no cisgendered men need apply

Saw you standing there

you looked like you might be

trapped in some bored reality

that had you so shaken

that you just had to be idle

I saw you anger there

behind your eyes that feel deeper

deeper than you’ll ever let me know

those eyes that look deeper

deeper than we’ll ever go

I saw you see my words

and then look away

when your mind runs and hides

with the long list of reasons

and restraints ,priorities

and sadness and pride

I saw you bring down the wall

just for a second so I could see

see you dancing and see you sing
see you happy

and pretending you could be free
I saw you making love

making love to me

I saw that brick you handed me
to put in to places

diverse and far apart
to begin a wall around and around my heart
I saw that one too

something to remind me
and to remember you

Because I saw the wall
between us
where we can both see

but can never really touch

over this chasm

that is filled with only so much
but never enough

no never close enough

I saw you wanting

and wanton I saw you

I saw you so close
but you are always far away


Like Lightning

I’ll touch you

I’ll breath you

I’ll numb you
I’ll shock you

dance with me
and sing your tired songs
the way you do
when you’re defenses are gone
I want to make you feel

the way I do when you around
the way my body feels at your sound

Like lightning
I’ll touch you

I’ll stop you

I’ll light you
and excite you

I’ll make you love the lightning

the way I see the storm

and the way I hide in the storm
be my arms and hold me

be my breath and breathe deep

Dance with me
the way you do

when no one sees

This storm we are in

it sometimes has got to breathe

I’ll touch you

I’ll breath you

I’ll shock you

I’ll need you
I’ll excite you

I’ll make you want the lightning

Missing Words

We were word people

and that is how we flew

rhyme taking us above

to things unknown

yet we could get to

we were word people

and not the wasted type

nothing spilling on the floor

and wasting space and air

not the kind that makes the head ache

or the soul long for solace

not the kind that wears

yeah we were word people

Now it all that is unsaid


and unread

too much to say
gets lost in the silence

and the time that passes

killing this word person




I’m so tired
here at the end of this year
this year of mourning

denied and repressed

until I cried alone

and alone I undressed

I’m so tired
the end of this year of failed starts
classes that were endured
in a high healing smoke
friends and family  that isolate me
in their righteous fist waving
look me in the face and call me those names

I guess the more we try to prove

the more we stay the same
becoming what we hate
and the hate just breeds more hate
and accuses the other of the same
and it just gets louder
until alone you cry
and alone you get dressed

and we can put on faces
and we can take up causes
but in that mirror of our anger

we still face the last laugh
in our sad but true nakedness

as we raise our righteous fists
and rot in our pride

and hang ourselves on our lies

I’m so tired
tired of these petty sins

that get shoved in our faces again and again

give me my pipe and my paper
and let me see my friends

take your arguments
for they will always be there

take your words that cut

because one day you’ll see the people in between the lines

take all the support only love could give

and then slap me with the time that remains

like some kind of retrograde

take all the support and use it like a soapbox

point your finger and preach
yes…because we become what we hate
and eventually hate what we become

and one day you will be alone

while you are coming undone

and I’m tired

at the end of the year of transitions
I didn’t even get to welcome the change
since all the anti shame warriors then felt the need to shame
so go get on your soap box and leave me be
hand me my pipe and free the weed

because in this circle the real life doers are still getting along

understanding life and love and peace

and we don’t put on faces
and we don’t take up causes
that mirror nothing but the oppressor

and we know who has the last laugh
on the last days of all of our age

when we mirror what we hated

when we face what we run from

when we undress