She had a dream about lightning

And armies of tornados

Funnels consuming all they could

Taking in and throwing out again

And the winds destroying all they would

Saw bloodsucking insects devouring who didn’t know they were there

All these songs subtle drains

But nobody seemed to care

And when the storm had held its own 

Brewed until it was very strong

And kept calm for too long 

She saw its off shoots going east and west and to the south where she stood

Remembered some prophecy about tidal waves

And it tore down the idols

The security

And the false senses of pride 

And every thing that could be shaken was shaken 

Down to the roots 

Better get your house in order

Whatever order you were told

And whatever  house you live in

Better make your peace With the peacemaker

And not the peace you were sold

Once more in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea also and the dry land. I will shake all the nations….I am going to shake the heavens and the earth. I will overthrow the thrones of kingdoms and destroy the power of the kingdoms of the nations.”(Haggai 2:6, 7, 21, 22)

Giving Voice

Black,White, brown and yellow too

doesn’t matter when it comes for you

and girls and women just be error
every day every day is a terror

stones and swords and whips and chains
their men are on a beach
on a beach praying their last prayers
giving nothing to their slayers

and outside is America
confined to their debates

sacrificing sanity to the gods of foolishness
gods of self and sex and pride

gotta get what you can on this last hard ride
sacrificing children in the name of womens rights
and the sacred holy sanction of progress

They are Pushing the wrong kind of walls and buildings
hanging them off bridges and
burning down their churches

but outside is America

and outside in America

our churches near empty
and the preachers preaching something

about comfort and abundance

Women gets lashed and covered

buried and burned

stoned and smothered
and their daughters somewhere
on their knees for their captors

doesn’t matter how young
all the girls look the same

at the end of a long hard killing day

at outside is America
and her own crying about
a perceived oppression
dealing with the gender wars

and micro aggression

guess you wont know how good you have it

till you don’t have it anymore
guess you wont remember how to fight
when you forget what fighting is for
guess you won’t know how free you are

when you are looking at its closed door

guess it doesn’t matter

when you just want to be liked
make no waves and make concessions

hope it doesn’t happen here
and pretend it doesn’t happen there

maybe those Christians had it coming
maybe those women like it like that
maybe we’ll all be at peace when they kill each other off

but we …we gotta deal with this issue about cakes, words and trigger warnings

here is your trigger warning
so go find your safe room
and coddle your lazy mind
your lazy soul

watch some comedies
and listen to the violinist play some symphonic strokes

America America
the whore that sold it’s soul

but listen as I do my best

to give some voice to the examples made
in a different world
a different place

a different life

and different race

Take a quiet moment
in an orange shirt

giving voice
while America shrugs

shakes their head
and pretends it wont happen to us

Genesis 4:10 

Yahweh said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries to me from the ground


Things are changing

the winds are different now

kind of bitter in all the sweet
of our memories and songs

all the unwinding of tethers
and finding doors

in walls that were built all wrong

in the far corners of no one knows

in the last touches and whispers

the alliance of last lovers
and eternal friends

known voices

make unknown amends
things are changing baby
things always do

remember me
in our times and moments

I’ll remember you

things are changing

on a grander scale

see it happen as they come
and the final countdowns

have their final run

and when they make examples

as they come for us
with new chains corroded with old rust

remember me in the whispers
and strengths of lovers and friends

and allies that we have been

but for the moments that are fading

holding like its the last

in the voices known

making unknown amends
seeing you like the first time

seeing you again

winds of change sketch by Melissa Way

One Day

Like a bad habit
or a good one

Like a feint light

that the moths find

a heat that could never stay

but the flames found it


Everything gets its time
Everything gets its place

I’m gonna meet you one day
one day

kind of meeting
that’s gonna go away

like cigarettes and wine

I’ve got to give you up
one day
one day

parts of this is just

part of something else

and in some parts
something might always be

things we do
when things to do run free

and this free man

got a part of me

and parts of us

are gonna be parts that stay
and parts that leave

yeah like cigarettes and wine

burn like an addict

and stay like a sweet

something stays

and something leaves

in our little story
that will just keep telling
just in different ways

playing on that play

and see how it plays
shot to the senses
when the senses

want to make sense

and have no masks
in our world that pretends

I’m gonna meet you one day

everything gets it’s time

everything get’s its space

like cigarettes and wine

we gotta leave it one day

one day
it’s always one day

burning water

Heard someone saying 

That They were real
But their real was just rude
Masking hollow faces
Angst and jest filled truths
All wrapped up in details
And projected strengths
Never knowing sometimes
 strength need not be seen
And we keep setting games
And circular rides
Of victims and blames
Self superiority entitled
Blinded by our own light
Arguments and lies
Disguising need with
I tried I tried I tried
Defeated in our own battle lines
Someone said they were real
What’s real these days
Still waters run deep
But tidal waves destroy
Either we are the show
Or the show we want to avoid
Someone being real
Real with no sincerity
Boiling and blowing steam
Just burning water
Burning water
And burning out the dream

Ran Across the Sky

I’ve never did what I just did

turned and looked over my shoulder
heard a voice and just took off
I’ve never woken to a cry

like someone inside me

was just about to die

and so I never

let my heart run
run across the sky

but heard his call

or maybe I just wanted to call him in

maybe God of all that is alive

looks out for everything in creation
whatever the explanations

this space was invaded
and this heart got some healed

got let go
and got revealed
under the comfort of a blanket
in the softer side of the night

and for once the truth in all that
wasn’t disguised in a hide
when my heart ran
ran across the sky